Does Showerdome® really work?

We’ve had many a ‘catch phrase’ over the years we’ve been in business, but one of my personal favourites (and the one emblazoned on the work polo shirts my boss wears every day) is 'Showerdome® - it really does work.' Simple, to the point, and accurate.

The science is simple, the product is simple, and tens of thousands of happy customers will attest to the fact that YES, indeed – Showerdome® does work.

If you need convincing, you needn’t look further than the 9 customer video testimonials that we have on our website.  Customers that volunteered their own personal time to come and sit with an interviewer, in front of a camera (no mean feat!), and tell of their personal experience with our product.

In the interests of full disclosure – we did a bulk e-mail call out to recent customers who had purchased online, and activated their Lifetime Guarantee.  We thought we might be lucky to get a couple of people putting their hand up to help us.  It’s no understatement to say we were ‘swamped’ with applications.  We’d offered 2 x movie tickets to incentivise people to come and chat with us – hardly a bribe worth writing home about, and yet here we were having to shortlist people and extend our production schedule to allow for the increased demand.

We felt incredibly privileged to have customers so keen to champion our product, and they did an outstanding job of covering all the many benefits that Showerdome® shower top offers.

Our installers are also regularly receiving unsolicited feedback on how much the customers are loving their new Showerdome.  One customer, Amy from Warkworth says “We absolutely love our Showerdome, it has decreased the moisture in our bathroom dramatically.”

We’ve done extensive research around what benefits people are seeking when considering a Showerdome shower top purchase.  Of the almost 3000 customers surveyed, 60% of them said their MAIN reason for purchase was to eliminate bathroom condensation.  The bulk of the remaining 40% stated that reducing bathroom maintenance, and concern about mould and mildew was the main driver of their purchase.

We asked those 3000 customers to rate their satisfaction on how well the product compares to expectations:-

  • 77% have given us a score of 7 out of 7.
  • 17% rated us a score of 6
  • 5% scored us 5 out of 7.

Of course, as with ANY customer facing product or service, you are never going to please all of the people, on all of the days, and we respect that.  Of the 1% who weren’t happy with the results, we’ve worked hard with them to try and resolve the issue and improve those scores.

The other most fascinating part of our research tells us that an enormous 38% of our business comes as a direct result of ‘Word of Mouth’.   It’s our most powerful medium, and the reason we stand behind our product so staunchly, and do everything within our power to ensure that the customer experience is a positive one.  Following that, not surprisingly really – is the ‘Repeat Customer’ – 21% of our business.   Once you’ve had a Showerdome® shower top, you’ll never be without one again.

We have known for years, that this product works, and that customers love them.  However we also know that cold hard facts are game changers to some, and with the internet being so comprehensive – customers are able to do so much more research online than ever before.  Given the current economic environment, we are taking our time to make considered purchases.  That’s why we wanted this data, and why we value the results so much.  The results simply don’t lie.

I think it’s safe to categorically state that YES, Showerdome® shower top does work.  If you don’t feel comfortable taking our word for it, then please take some time to watch and listen to these generous real life customers (not actors, not paid marketing ploy) – but our biggest cheerleaders.

And if that’s still not enough for you – we encourage you to look at our 200+ Google reviews (average 4.9 stars).  This product works, and we have the data to prove it.

As another of our catch phrases will tell you – ‘You won’t notice your Showerdome®, but you WILL notice the difference’.

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