Lifetime Guarantee. What does it actually mean?

We are very proud to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on your Showerdome® shower top.

But what does this actually mean? 

Simply put, it means that we guarantee you that your Showerdome® shower top will remain crystal clear.

  • No discolouration
  • No product deterioration over time
  • No failure from manufacturing faults.

This guarantee means that you can purchase with confidence, knowing that your Showerdome® shower top will remain looking as good as the day you installed it, with a little cleaning and TLC along the way.    Refer to our FAQ and click on the Maintenance tab.

Over the 15 years Showerdome Limited has been in business, there has been a huge amount of time and energy gone into ensuring that the product we sell is the very best quality and design.

In order to achieve the crystal clear finish, that we believe is so important for the aesthetics of your bathroom, we form the ‘dome’ shape using a process called ‘Blow moulding’.

Blow moulding is the technique used when it is important to have a clear finish, with no marking on the surface of the product.  This is achieved because during the manufacturing process, there is no contact of the material with a moulding tool or former.

Because of this style of engineering, our product has a similar appearance to glass, and therefore many benefits:-

  • Visually subtle – once installed, it’s not obvious at all
  • Allows natural light into your shower cubicle
  • Fits in with any bathroom style with its sleek design

Regardless of whether you opt for DIY, or using a professional installer – your Showerdome® shower top comes with a Lifetime Guarantee to remain crystal clear.

Hand in hand with our Lifetime Guarantee, if you opt for the peace of mind that a professional installation provides, all Showerdome® shower top recommended installers are responsible for guaranteeing their workmanship.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted New Zealand brand, and offer this Lifetime Guarantee as a way to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ so to speak – as we hand on heart can say that we believe in the quality of our product.  We already have a large, loyal customer base – and we’d love for you to join them.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, we invite you to contact us on [email protected] or via our Live Chat forum.  We’d love to help!

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